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Sony 20x Dual Layer DVD Burner (DRX840U)
Sony 20x Dual Layer DVD Burner (DRX840U)

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Renowned Sony quality
Enable or upgrade your PC or laptop with this quality Sony DVD/CD burner. Burn up to 8.5GB of data on supported dual layer DVD discs with this smooth & sleek operating drive. Watch DVD movies/videos and listen to music. Don't forget to backup your important files too!

The DRX840U is Sony's latest external DVD burner for Windows and Macintosh users now offering 20X Max DVD+/- recording. This Dual Layer DVD burner also supports DVD-RAM.

This drive is PC & Mac compatible with USB & firewire connectivity.

Supports + or - DVD (Re)Writable (DVDR/RW) discs
Supports DVDRAM
Burns/Copies CDs as well as DVDs
Connects to any computer/laptop with either a USB or firewire port
Includes advanced Nero burning/playback/backup software for PCs and Toast Lite for Macintosh users
Includes USB & firewire cable

Writing FormatsCD-ROM, CD-DA (CD Audio), CD Text, Video CD, UDF & DVD+/-R/RW/RAM
Reading FormatsCD-ROM, CD-DA (CD Audio), CD Text, Video CD, UDF & Photo CD; DVD-ROM, DVD-Video, UDF & DVD+/-R/RW/RAM
Media Types80 & 120mm CD-R & CD-RW, 74min/650MB & 80min/700MB; 120mm DVD+R/RW, -R/RW and -RAM
Writing MethodsDisc-At-Once, Track-At-Once, Session-At-Once & Packet (fixed or Variable) CD; Random & Sequential DVD+RW; Disc at Once, Incremental & Restricted Overwrite DVD-RW
Max DVD+/-R Single Layer20x
Max DVD+/-R Dual Layer12x
Max DVD-RAM12x
Max DVD Playback16x
Max CD Write48x
Max CD ReWrite32x
Max InterfacePIO Mode4: 16.6 MB/s, Multi-Word DMA Mode2: 16.6 MB/s, Ultra DMA Mode4 66.6 MB/s
Buffer2MB with PowerBurn
Dimensions (WxHxD)52 x 164 x 250 mm

Package contents:
DVD burner drive, Nero software, USB cable, power adaptor

System requirements
Pentium III 800MHz or faster with 256MB RAM & 1GB HDD space (1.6GHz Pentium 4 with 10GB recommended), Windows 2000 Pro/XP Home or Professional/Mac OS X 6.2 or higher

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Manufacturer's model #: Sony DRX830UL / DRX-830UL External USB/Firewire DVD burner
Manufacturer's website: